Re-judge for Challenge Problem : Efficient Delivery

Rejudge for challenge problem…when it happen generaly??
for this challenge problem…is it done or not??

how to know about Regudge process??

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During contest your solution generally tested on pre test case. After the completion of the contest, the solution will be rejudged by the whole test case set,and according to that your final score will be evaluated. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Currently, there is no absolutely clear way to know if the rejudge took place and there are also no announcements about it. In this case, however, it did. You can notice that by seeing that the absolute scores shown for each of your submissions are different from the ones during the contest. They should be larger absolute scores now, since the displayed value is the sum of the scores on all the test cases now, while during the contest it was only the sum of the scores on 4 of the 20 test cases.

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