Ratings updated

The wait is over. Ratings have been updated


my graph is showing my rating…but still my rank is not updated… is NA … ?

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@kashish55 saw your profile how could this possible

@admin fix this problem ASAP :slight_smile:


My experience says, that you have to compete in short contest too. I had similar problem, before I competed only in shorts and NA wasn’t changed for few months…

ohkey… well then i have to wait for a week … :wink:

I have never participated in a short contest. There is no such problem with me

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ya i agree…taking part in short contests does not concern that. It must be left out by some mistake i am sure the admins will take care of it. Just saw another profile and it was the first participation of that guy too. Even his graph is showing the new rating but not the ranks.

its fixed nw… i guess participation in short contest was not a reason… its was left by mistake

Not needed. I didn’t participate in any short contest and my rank is updated from NA to something.

As I said everyone just worries about ratings

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