Ratings for COOK48

The ratings of the yesterday’s COOK-OFF haven’t been updated. How much time will it take?


It takes atleast 24 hours to 48 hours…Wait for sometime…

Keep calm and eat chips and solve problem

Happy coding:)


I think Keep Calm and Drink Beer is good option as compare to chips . . :-p


Hi Aniket, We will be updating the ratings soon, and will let you know as soon as we do that. Kindly be with us till then. :slight_smile:

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@admin, it’s been more than 60 hours since the contest. I may be a little extra impatient, but I would really like to see the rating updated. :slight_smile:


Yes i agree. Its taking too long.

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Well it should take long given that some people may have had advantage due to the submission glitch. That cost about 1 hr on the rankings!

@nisargshah95, I don’t understand that comment…how is the submission glitch related to rating updates? The rankings are already put up on the site.

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Now its heights :frowning: too late feeling eager…First time did 2 problems :slight_smile:

Also the test cases were weak for the two questions RRFRNDS & RRTREE2, as it can be seen in the comments below their Editorials. Few people who brute-forced these two got lucky. I don’t know how admins are going to take care of these cases.


Not trying to be rude but one thing is for certain that the last two cook offs have not lived up to codechef’s reputation. The coding culture in the country is on a rise and you guys might just have to up the game from here.


@gkcs I meant due to the glitch our submission times got extended by 1 hr. Someone who got a penalty of 1hr and submitted before the glitch will have an advantage, so to speak.

Yeah I agree with you.

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rsaha77: How would you “take care” of it in a way that’s not unfair to whomever got lucky?

nisargshah95: No penalties of 1 hour were given. There were 10 minutes of not submitting, during which you could’ve double-checked your code, worked on other problems etc., possibly fixing a bug and gaining 20*x less minutes of penalty time for wrong submissions. Apart from that, the slow queue inconvenienced everyone equally - just people who were able to solve problems earlier had an advantage, which should be kind of obvious anyway.

Finally updated :slight_smile:

happy with my performance :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi all, The ratings for COOK48 have been calculated. We have deducted 34 minutes 6 seconds from all the submissions, which were made after 11:25 when the contest was stopped. Kindly check yours and let us know if you find any discrepancy.