Ratings are not updated for External Rated Contest "Plinth-Enigma'19 LNMIIT Techfest - (Rated for all)"?

Ratings are not updated for this contest “Plinth-Enigma’19 LNMIIT Techfest - (Rated for all)”?

it should not be updated actually. Since it was held along with the long challenge, the new rating will also depend on which contest is to be taken first.
Consider me. I performed badly in Plinth, so if Plinth is considered first the my ratting will first drop down to 1613 and then after long challenge it should increase back to 1780 or some value close to it. But as you can see the long challenge have been considered first so my rating has become 1825 now after plinth my rating will fall to 1650 or something probably. SO the main issue here is while calculating my new rating after plinth which previous rating are they gonna use 1780 or 1825.