Ratings are just unfair..!!!

Ratings are just unfair…!!

  • My rating before(this and JAN Challenge) is 1484.
  • And after this challenge +83.So 1567.And it is reverted back to 1484.Due to running of JAN Long challenge.
  • And after long challenge it is inc.by +97 ,which is 1581.
  • And Now ratings are updated 1567(this External rating contest ).And +14 for Jan Long challenge.
  • This is so unfair because my rank was 2673.which is 1/4th of 13,000 participants.
  • And I get +14…Need to go through once.@admin @vijju123.
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Well , the same thing happened to others also , may be they are still working on updating ratings.

Answered here.


I think the issue is fixed.

Hi, just confirming from public again - Are there any more pending complaints?