Rating Update Delay

I love codechef rather than any other programming site, On codeforces the rating gets updated after the end of contest(nearly half an hour) . But in codechef it takes days to see our ratings updated .
Can someone tell … Why ??


i think this page should get as many likes as many possible so that it may be understood by codechef team how irritated we are…


Please do not make such a big fuss about this issue. There must be some technical issue with the site. They had said that they have been experiencing some DB issue over the past few weeks and are mostly working on fixing it so that they can conduct contests smoothly which is much more important than getting your ratings.

So please bear with them this month so we can have a better site from next month.


@kcahdog it would’ve been better if they posted an announcement in codechef discuss too because there is being a lot of complaints here and no response…


Yep, i also feel they should make an announcement but wasting time complaining is going to be of no use.

they did posted about their goof up in acm iit kgp online round. After seeing the response, i think they thought it is useless giving reasons! :stuck_out_tongue:

@kcahdog I don’t know why he closed the question … but i strongly agree with @prakhs123 that codechef should posted any sort of problem. And i’m only making diff bet two comp sites … that’s all. And codechef should learn from them .

I closed the question because it is not helpful or constructive in any way. there are already many threads discussing this topic which is just a waste of time. I’d rather be coding or preparing for ICPC than waste time here

At one point of time Codechef also used to update the rankings just after the contests. I hope that the Codechef team gets their act together and repeat the same in the future contests. Some of the things that contributed to the delay are cheating, changes to the challenge problem, one more short contest (LUNCHTIME) due to which possibly codechef team has less time to test the problems properly and bring out editorials on time. Therefore I would like to propose the following solutions:

  1. For cheating, just ignore them while computing the ratings. Whoever is caught cheating just put a big cheater stamp on their profile.
  2. Challenge problem - Revert to the old system till spoj supports judging of all the test-cases and providing 2 scores, one on the partial set and another on all the test cases. Show only the partial score during the contest and store the full score to be shown immediately after the contest.
  3. I do not suggest reducing the number of contests. However, a couple of things can be done. Editorials explaining the intended solution should be ready even before the contest starts and should be made public immediately after the contest is over. Later on, they can be updated to include different strategies of solving from the contestants submissions. Secondly, for the weak test cases issue due to inadequate testing or otherwise, Codechef can implement a feature such that participants can add custom test cases for problems which would be added to the test-cases after moderation. Every night Codechef may run a cron-job to rerun all the AC submissions for those specific problems against the additional test cases approved by the moderater team. After the last rejudge, no more test cases can be added.

@n2n_ all points that you mentioned are good but this one is awesome “Whoever is caught cheating just put a big cheater stamp on their profile”


This is a site organizing international programming contests, so the staff should be able to fix minor problems in less than a week. Saying “wait” just undermines Codechef’s credibility. This way, it seems there will be neither ratings nor working contests.

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Finally ratings updated! :smiley:
I guess they were waiting for todays SRM to end :stuck_out_tongue:

finally we all can be happy as ratings has been updated

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finally rating have been updated…

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Ratings have been updated. Please check.

When do you think “night” begins? There are a lot of users from Europe, you know. It would be inconvenient for Europeans if Codechef did some heavy regrading when it’s nighttime in India.
EDIT: Of course, I totally agree with you on other things.