Rating November long 2017

This query is regarding November long contest.

On contest page it shows my rank is 515 .

while on my account page it shows my rank is 642.

Is this some kind of bug or rating updation is still going on? @admin @vijju123

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Facing same problem. :frowning:

Check the number of participants carefully , around 2K people have been removed from the ranklist. Thats why rank of several(or all ) people are being displayed with reduced figure.

I think they were playing with the ranklist to check the toppers from each institution for Scholarship purpose and the game had its side effects.

Ranking Displayed on your profile page is the right one and rating is updated according to right rank. So nothing to worry about. Only ranklist needs to be fixed.

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are u certain?

About what?
Removal of members? , yes. Earlier it was showing around 8K participants and now its shows around 6K.
“Ranking displayed on profile page and rating is correct.”? Yes , certain . Because , rating updation took place before this removal incident .

About reason why this is happening ? No sure idea. :slight_smile:

This is for those who have been caught of plagiarism.
I have asked Codechef team


So you are saying 2k people are caught in plagiarism??

2k/8k == 25 % . one out of every 4 person is plagiarist?

People have received an e-mail from codechef with regard to this. So yes, @anushi is right. :slight_smile:

but, why quantity is so high this time?

I will get back to this when I have something concrete to respond. Pinged @admin in case she wants to directly tell it.

And that too so quickly. The speed makes me more suspicious than quantity :confused:

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it’s not possible that 2k people were disqualified so quickly. They need time obv. Maybe this is something else right @vijju123 ?

Rating were also updated quickly this time. so maybe this is bcoz of disqualifications.

And , if 2k are disqualified. everyone’s rating needs to be updated again.

@chunky2808 ratings are nowadays updated very quickly and plagiarism test goes on for weeks.

If the plagiarism detector is so quick, why is it taking so much time to declare the online round result? :stuck_out_tongue:

@swetankmodi. You are right. This was informed when new rating was introduced. Their argument was the new rating calculated after eliminating plagiarism was approximately equal to the rating calculated considering those who plagiarized . But this time difference will be non-negligible . Since lots of people have been eliminated. lets see what they will do this time.

@pankajkhan Yes. The rating predictor shows my new rating to be 1792. While the rating before removing people who plagiarized is 1766.

I think is because this time Scholarship is associated with Long Challenge.