Rating not updated , its shows "Oops!! We didn't find any country code for you."

I was able to solve two problems in the October-Long contest . It ended on 13th Oct 2014 , after 6 days my ratings still shows “NA”.I have selected “India” as my country but it still shows “Oops!! We didn’t find any country code for you”. I want to know when it will be updated and the reason for the error ?


Most of the time ratings are updated 10-15 days after the contest. So you might have to wait for a little long.

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They have to check for plagriarism so it might take long.

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m facing the same problem
after participating in 3-4 contests,my rank is still NA in all 3 columns
please solve

external contests are not rated. The only rated contest you participated in (Apr16) is still running.