Rating Dropped What now?

My rating has been dropped because of plagiarism caught two times.

1st-time plagiarism:- One of my friends stuck in October long challenge. He tried for 3 days but he couldn’t find testcase where his code was wrong, So I gave him my code so that he can make own testcases and see the correct answer from my code. I warned him to not copy paste my code, He didn’t submit my code but his room-mate submitted my exact code(Don’t know how ).

2st-time plagiarism:- Me and my friend are doing the December long challenge and we both stuck on one question which we had done with co-operation.

I received first plagiarism mail from Codechef on 1st Feb 2018 for 2nd plagiarism(Dec long challenge). Then I read CodeChef Code Of Conduct and The Cheating Cases Saga and I accepted my mistake and decided to not to do anything which violates Codechef rules.

8 April 2018 I got one more mail for 1st plagiarism(Oct long challenge). I was just upset that they sent me the mail so late.

I accept all my mistakes I should have protected my code.

I now want to ask what should I do:-

1). Should I make a new account and deactivate this account.

2). Or continue from this account (Ek nayi shuruvat :))

If I continue from This account than I want to know how can plagiarism dots on my graph effect in my future (like codechef’s next plagiarism hammer or when some company reviews my profile for job etc.)

anyone, please?

This is a common question. Will try to get @admin to guide you all.

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Same problem
Still caught in the dilemma whether to make a new account or continue with this account?

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thank you @vijju123.please try as soon as possible.

Even I have the same doubt @vijju123 please respond as the May long challenge has already started and I am still in above mentioned dilemma.

Please help!

Same here they dropped my rating for MARCH18B without informing me at all and the Dot on my profile shows plagiarism but I don’t how and whose code is similar to mine and how it is so ?? Someone please help me…this is second time I’m stuck in this. This really sucks when you try hard to solve all the problems and they plagiarised you without giving information…

Same here they dropped my rating for MARCH18B without informing me at all

I cant believe that. Check your junk or spam mail thing. If its caught there, then its something we really cannot help.

I checked every section but i didn’t found the mail. When I was cought for the first time then i recieved a mail and i agreed that was my mistake and then i read all those rules about code of conduct and cheating saga but this time i’m pretty sure all of my codes were done using codeBlocks offline on my laptop and no one has access to my laptop. I really want to know how my code can match with anyone. I know, I will regain my ratings after 2-3 contest but this is so depressing. Is it possible to get the email again?

I will see what I can do for your relief. But it will take time, I have got too many issues/requests at the moment, they need to be sorted out first. Till then, please send them your concern at help@codechef.com