Rating dropped in FEB LONG

I did not participate in FEB LONG but my rating dropped by 3376 . Why is it so ? I submitted a solution for KBIGNUMB but the problem was deleted . I did not submit any other solution from the contest . Is it fair to remove the problem but consider its submission to calculate rating ?


If we are not giving points for correct submissions of KBIGNUMB, then I think we should not consider WA/TLE also.

You should mail the codechef about it.


I agree. Please mail Codechef about it and see what they have to say.


@krishnav1 Check your e-mail, every time Codechef drops someone’s ratings they have enough proofs.

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The two problems removed were found to be on other coding site, and hence the problems had to be removed but it was their fault, therefore they should not consider both of the questions for rating .It is not fair to judge on such questions. You can ask and mail the codechef authorities about it. They will surely take some action.

@sidharth97 Please update if you have tried to contact the team about the matter and if so what is the reply from them?

can anyone provide me the link of Feb Long deleted problems?

Hey All, It is a mistake from our side and we will rectify it at the earliest. The ratings for all the users affected by it will be reinstated. We regret the inconvenience.


Thank you @admin

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Yes I contacted them yesterday now admin has made a comment

@admins, it is really appreciated that you people will rectify it :slight_smile:


Here is one of the deleted problemsClick Here

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Don’t worry, just mail them at feedback@codechef.com and they shall take care of it.

When operating a big platform like Codechef, errors often creep into the system, but Codechef always rectifies them on being notified. So don’t worry and drop them an email :slight_smile:

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EXACTLY!! I really appreciate codechef for always coming up boldly and rectifying the errors. That’s really, REALLY commendable!!

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Exactly. I agree. If that problem has been removed from the contest then the participant should not be penalised.


There are a few things codechef needs to take care of,

The most important of them being the karma system. I am new to this competitive programming world and I don’t very well understand all the problems here. I wanted to ask a few questions but it was then I came to know that we need 3 karma points to post a question? Now what is that?

Really disappointing codechef. And yes kindly tell me how to gain more karma points.

Thanks in advance.


@admin My rating again dropped , the system considered that I participated in FEB LONG but I did not . Please look into the matter

FEB Long or March long??