Rating dropped in FEB LONG

My ratings are dropped. Its probably due to fault in codechef system because of which some other user copied my code. Admin please look into the matter, I have submitted my code for STROPR before the guy who copied my code. And I never ran my code on Ideone or any other online compiler.

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@stblackout : What was the system fault that caused this issue in problem STROPR? Can you please let us know about it?

I don’t know about the system fault. I just got a mail telling me about the same solution submitted by two users and links to solutions. The solution submitted is an exact copy of mine and submitted 9 minutes later. And thus my ratings are dropped.

DO you use ideone in public mode?

no I don’t. I only use Eclipse on my System.

Hey stblackout, can you just reply to the same email that you have received regarding your ratings with your explanation? We will get back to you with an apt reply.