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Can someone please tell which contests other than the three main events are the rated contests . Also it is a suggestion if we can also have ratings for monthly LOC contests as these are also conducted every month or atleast if we can have some record of these LOC separate from actual ratings so as to increase participation and competitive environment

Only few external contests were rated so far(contest page shows it is rated or not) and I don’t think They will make LoC as rated because it primarily meant for school students…

Did you miss reading this ???

Lord of the Code (LoC) is a series of competitive programming contests hosted every month, by Code@Amrita, the coding club at Amrita School of Engineering, Amritapuri campus. One of the aims of this monthly contest is to create awareness about the competitive programming and problem solving among the school students. While the focus is on the students in Kerala, anybody who is interested in coding can participate in the contest. The contest is conducted on CodeChef every month. Contest spans over three days – Friday through Sunday. The contest will focus on problem solving rather than direct implementation of the programming language syntax and built in functions.

Yes i have read this but the level of contest is ok and what i am saying is if it cant be made rated atleast we can have a separate graph keeping records of loc as well . The point is by doing so we will have one more competition in a month with good no of participation . That is just a suggestion

I think it should not be rated.It is just to create awareness about CP and also to make evereyone learn…And we should all just be happy that we are learning each month and growing as a person as well as a programmer!

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The problem level matters to codchef. They cannot let an external contest of lower difficulty level (which LoC has to be since its more about awareness of programming, and as i read on quora, since lunchtime has tough Q- LoC aims to train school students for it by giving somewhat easier Q so that they can practice/gain confidence).

In their opinion, ratings will then not represent your “true coding skills” and practices of people gaining ratings by participating in easy external contest will arise. Not big problem, but why even let the problem arise?

besides, a contest can either aim in teaching you CP or for increasing your rating. I have participated in both the types and there is a distinct difference in Q level, Q type and amount of concept (i.e. their depth) involved.