RankNot : Stop checking Ranklist every now and then! Get desktop notifications.

Hello everyone,

So as the title suggests, I’ve developed a chrome plugin for the first time which gives you desktop notifications when the Ranklist of an Institution changes. I felt that during short contests like CookOff, Lunchtime, etc, there is a pretty good competition and everyone wants to know where they are standing right now in your college/Institution but opening the Ranklist and checking it every now and then would waste a lot of time of yours, sufficient enough to get AC on another question in meantime :slight_smile:

Why is this only limited to Institution ? Well, I may extend it to Sets at the most if this version is stable, but you surely don’t want to track more than that otherwise you might fill your screen with notifications :smiley:
There are very minimal chances of any bugs you may experience(in case you get any, do let me know). I might also add a fully functional version to Chrome store later.

Types of notifications :

  1. “User” joined the leaderboard with Current Score :… Current Rank:…

  2. “User” moved to “NewScore” . Current Rank:…

  3. Invalid/Closed Contest Codes will throw an alert.

Meanwhile, why not test it and give me some ideas/reviews to work upon? Thanks :slight_smile:





[Link to Download][3]


  • Open up chrome://extensions/
  • Drag and drop the .crx file
  • Enjoy :slight_smile:

EDIT : It seems like Chrome doesn’t allow custom plugins anymore unless they are uploaded to the store, so the plugin gets disabled when you restart your browser somehow, So as a quick work around you need to delete the plugin from chrome://extensions and drag and drop it again when you want to use it. I will try to upload it to the store ASAP :slight_smile: Sorry for the inconvenience!
[1]: http://i.imgur.com/YxRNbto.png
[2]: http://i.imgur.com/7MBATqN.png
[3]: https://goo.gl/1wJMzn


Well, Done Buddy! This is Innovative!!

Will surely integrate it and try your plugin!!

I’ll update about the features and bugs(if any) after few days


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Hey, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Nice plugin ! One more reason to look forward for the next Contest. Well Done!!.

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Thanks ashutosh_cric!

Great dude… you hit the metal hot. I was feeling the need to have such an arrangement. Thanks for this innovative idea.
Good Job

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