Rank not given

I had solved 2 problems of November but still my rank was not updated. It said “Oops! Could not locate your country code”. Why is this so and what should I do about it?


Have patience @divyanshu13 .Ranks are updated after the rejudging for the challenge problem is over and it is taking some time this month. So they will update it as soon as rejudging is over. We all are waiting too. :slight_smile:


Why does it take so much time?

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Probably they are having some server issues. This time it has taken too much time though.

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@divyansh there are normally over 40-50 k submissions for the challenge problem and large test files. Re-judging all of them takes lot of time

Do they really need to do rejudging? I think they calculate score for submission when submitted and at the end of contest simply normalize the score…


I think you missed this post, betlista: http://blog.codechef.com/2013/10/03/challenge-problem-scoring-changes/