Rank is not updated correctly

My long rank is not updated correctly. I solved 6 questions with 5.955 score my rank is updated from 2859 to 1893.my previous ratting was 3948.5 and now it is 5343.5 .
But some of my friends solved 6 questions with 5.954 and even less score and got ratting 5663.3 from 3680.1 .
his rank was lower than me but after oct14 it is higher. what is the reason behind it ?
link to my account is here
and link to my friend’s account is here.


Seems like you are right! :stuck_out_tongue: Dont know cc’s way of calculating rating though!


Read this thread http://discuss.codechef.com/questions/53850/negative-ratings-in-codechef

He answered 6 problems correctly. And there is no penalty for wrong submissions. So this doesn’t hold!

it may be because u were blocked temporarily due to the MOSS plagarism checking.then again they unblocked ur account with showing the blocked problems in ur list as well… may be they will re calculate it soon… :slight_smile:
see the post here…

You can understand how our ranking system works clearly here. It will help you understand the rise and fall in your rankings and will clear your doubts.

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You mentioned your score was 5.955. But the ranklist shows you scored 4.955 in OCT long challenge. So in the end, you scored less than your friend and that’s how are the ratings updated.


if you see his profile you will find out he has actually solved 6 problems so he must have a score > 5

Oh! That’s something strange. And that is where CC should look after(and answer) in why/how this glitch creep into scoring system.