Questions from ACM-ICPC 2016 Regionals

Can someone provide links from the practice session for the questions asked in ICPC 2016 Regionals held across India?

Thanks in advance…

UPD: New links.


  1. Online Round:
  2. On-site Round:

Hindustan University

  1. Online: N/A
  2. On-site:

IIT Kharagpur

  1. Online : N/A
  2. Onsite:

Kolkata Site NITTTR

  1. Online: N/A
  2. Onsite:

ACM-ICPC India Practice round:


I thought it would be very useful if someone would give the contests links (actual regional contests links). Thanks!

Contest Link: [ACM-ICPC India Regionals, Online Preliminary Round 2016]
Problem Links from the practice session:
Help Lost Robot!

Watson and Digit Sums

Beautiful Arrays

Chef and Bipartite Graphs

Good Sets

Colorful Grids

Robolympic Batons

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Do you want questions from the contests available in practice sessions or you want the practice round questions? Also Regionals online round or on-site?

Thank you for the links!

Thank you!

your welcome :slight_smile: