Query regarding ratings

Hello folks,

I would like to know that if you have tried a problem of long challenge (all WA submission) and haven’t scored any points would it affect your ratings?

PS: In ranklist it shows that “You did not solve a problem in this contest.”

Yes, As far as i know, It will surely affect your ratings.

As soon as you make even a single submission in the contest, you are a participant, therefore subject to rating change, increase or otherwise.

PS:Now that you have made a submission, Give long challenge a try. :slight_smile:

Your name is also present in rating predictor page


Yes, It will affect your rating.

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Hmm, Actually my exams are preponed next day after long challenge started :frowning:

Oh…that’s quite troublesome…

Anyways, i don’t think there’s any turning back now…

Either solve the problems, or lose rating. Its upon ur time management. :slight_smile:

Hmm…that’s the only option

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