Query regarding ranking system

I have a doubt.Do we get rank if we haven’t submitted any AC solution to the contest but submitted some wrong ones.Is rating affected in such a case?

First of all your links aren’t opening and second yes, rating does fall if you submit wrong ones.

You will be considered participating in the contest if you submit even a single solution for a problem in your division. The solution may or may not be correct.

However, you can solve the problems from the other division, or you can also read the problems of your division. In either case, you will nor be considered participating.

Rating will be affected if you participate in the contest @sarthakmanna has clearly mentioned when will you be considered paritcipated. So YES rating will be affected if you haven’t submitted any AC solution but have submitted some wrong ones.

I don’t think if we submit a question from other division as practice then rating should be affected…