query regarding new prize

Hello everyone…few days back I enquired admin about 100% attendance reward listed in new prize category.
I want to know whether partial score will be included in solving a problem(at least 1 problem) like in long challenge and lunchtime??
Please let me know…thanks


@admin - And if the answer is no, then I personally feel we should count partial scored problems, so please consider this as a suggestion (because the reward is for attendance).


Yes I also feel it should be considered as nothing is mentioned regarding this


Send codechef an email regarding this,they will let you know about this.


Yes I will thanks for suggesting:)

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Yes, you are right @vijju123. Even a partial score counts towards solving the problem.


Right, it will be encouraging to beginners for sure…

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Thanks for raising this. We’ll clarify this in the blog.
Partial solutions will also be counted towards participation.


Thanks for clarification @admin!! :slight_smile:

Follow up question regarding the 100% participation prize. If someone participates in all 3 monthly contest for each of the 12 months, does he get 12000 laddus or is it capped at 1000 per year per contestant for 100% participation? Please clarify. Thank you.

Most probably its 1000 laddu. Cause I feel that 1000 laddu per month just for participation…:stuck_out_tongue:

@waterbreak: It is 1000 laddus at the end of 12 months. Not per month.

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