Query Regarding Contest Registrations

Hi! I am new here!
I wanted to know if I need to register somewhere to participate in Lunchtime Contests? Can I participate individually or do I need to form a team?

I tried to find answer in forums, however access was denied to the link which is in the answer.
I’d be grateful if you answer my question.


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no need to form teams!! In any of the codechef’s competitions team is not required unless mentioned!! also you do not have to register separately to participate in the Lunchtime competition!


Thank you for answering!

No need to register, just Log-In, and Rock! :slight_smile:


Hi neha,

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Nope! You do not need to register for lunch time contests…
As far as I know, you do not need to register for long term contests either!


Thanks! Yup I didn’t have enough points to upvote. I do now, so I have upvoted! :slight_smile:



*no registration,here is only competition…

  • No need of any registration for any contest of codechef

I have a doubt why some of site require registration for participating in competition??

if anyone know any genuine reason please share you are most welcome