Query regarding 100% participation laddus

@admin I had participated in all the 3 contests between March '17 and Feb '18. Can you confirm if I’m eligible for the laddus(keeping in mind that May Lunchtime '17 was cancelled). And when would I get the laddus?

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And July Cook-off was unrated

Unrated doesnt mean cancelled @nileshjha19 .


We will be giving the laddus for the 100% participation soon. Sorry for the delay.
May Lunchtime will not be considered for this, as it was cancelled shortly after it began.


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As May Lunchtime 2017 is not considered for 100% attendance participation reward, do a user has to be participated from March Long Challenge 2017 to March Long Challenge 2018 to get 100% attendance participation reward, since a user has to be participated for 36 monthly contests continuously?

Or will May Lunchtime 2017 be treated as participated for all users?