Query about ratings.(COOK-OFF)


I have query about ratings , please help

i participated in yesterday’s cook-off contest
i got increase of +20 in cookoff ratings but my overall ratings in codechef is decreased by 117
i can not understand , how it happens? any help will be appriciated


The overall rating is the cumulative of all the rated contests(i.e. Long Challenge,Cook-Off,Lunch Time). Your overall rating will determine the stars beside your name. Cook-Off ratings can be seperately viewed in your profile and you can’t say that if your Cook-Off rating increases by a certain no., your overall rating too will!!
Hope it helped :slight_smile:

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The way ratings work is that everyone is first ranked on the basis of their old ratings, this is the ‘Expected rank’.

Hence, you have 2 expected ranks, one by sorting ALL Rating and the other by sorting Cook-Off ratings.

The idea is simple, if you perform better than your expected rating, your rating increases, else it decreases.

Since you have performed better in the long contest, your expected rank for ALL ratings is much higher than for just cook-Off ratings.

Your rank was probably in between the 2 expected ranks, hence an increase in one and a decrease in the other.

Hope that clears things out.


My cookoff ratings increased by 145 but no change in overall rating . Is this possible?.

My overall rating is increased by 144 and rating graph showing my rating as 1776 and on right top of my profile it showing 1632 please check with this issue

Same problem here…earlier the rating of the latest rated contest in the rating graph matched with your current rating. My cool off rating shows 1751 but my overall rating shows 1568. This was not the case earlier on codechef.

I think that’s a minor bug in the ratings update, or somehow the ratings are yet to be updated on the display page but are visible on the graph. Anyhow, most probably will be fixed in 1-2 days.

Yes, it is. Even a decrease in overall was possible.

@vijju123 Though I agree with you, here the case seems a bit different. The profile rating graph is updated, but rest of profile page and Ratings page are not updated. Even though ratings have been calculated till COOK92B.