Queries regarding On-Site for ICPC

Our team have qualified for both Amritapuri and Kanpur on-site round. This is our first time going for the on-site round, I have few questions:

  1. If like last year we are allowed to give both regionals at one place, would we get 2 t-shirts? or only one?
  2. Do we get 2 different certificate for both regionals or just one?
  3. Kanpur regional is on 23-24th Dec. Any idea by what time we would be free and will be allowed to leave for amritapuri. Like by what time on 24th the main competition will be over?
  4. When will confirmed center allotment for Amritapuri Regional be declared?

Please answer if you have any idea regarding this. Thanks in advance.

Also, if you have any doubt comment below, will add on this thread.


Last time I went to 2 regionals, Kharagpur and Kolkata. Going by last time,

  1. You get goodies from CodeChef (T-shirt, notepad, and more) only once. You also get a regional specific T-shirt from ICPC, so you will get two of these.
  2. You get separate certificates from each regional.

One last query, there is only 2 days gap between Amritapuri and Kanpur regional. There is no way we would possibly reach.
Last time they allowed to give both regionals at same site only. Will it be possible this time too?

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What if we pay for Amritapuri but don’t go and attend. Would we still get the certificate by mail or some way?

Sorry I don’t know about this. Last time where was this allowed?
And if you don’t attend I again don’t know what will happen, but common sense says that you won’t get the participation certificate.

I guess the Kolkata site. (maybe because last time dates were shifted/postponed)
Thanks for help anyway @meooow

Sure. I would say mail the sites and ask them if it’s possible to remotely participate. There is really too little of a time gap to make the journey.

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@meooow thanks a lot man. Could you mail the codechef @admin too?
Do let me know of their reponse.

Our team has also qualified for Kanpur and Amritapuri and there is no way to travel in 2 days. So if the schedule can be relaxed or there can be remote participation from Kanpur for Amritapuri then that would be really helpful and a lifeline for teams like us facing the same dilemma

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See this also.


For Amritapuri:

The list of confirmed teams with the site allotted will be published on 21st

“If like last year we are allowed to give both regionals at one place”

This was not allowed last year, and will not be allowed this year either.


For Amritapuri:

Site Allotment List:


Probable list of teams to fill vacant slots:-


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Thanks bruh !