python basics

please provide me links where i could learn basics of python :slight_smile:

I have found this link to be very useful :

To start with, you can use the books Beginning Python - From Novice to Professional, Second Edition (2008) written by Magnus Lie Hetland of Apress Publications.

If you prefer an online tutorial then visit tutorial point, here, here for interactive learning

Apart from these valuable resources you can visit for a certified Rice University Course which is a limited time course on

I think these resources will be more valuable and can give a good basic/advance knowledge in Python.


Thanks : )

thanks man :slight_smile:

thanks yaar

To learn some nice level of optimization in Python so as to make your submissions faster enough, see my submission at,,devanshug
The question is quite easy and mostly I focused on implementing a more and more optimized solution.


Thanks for these links, they are can be helpful… especially that certified course of coursera.

learnstreet python tutorial comes with online python interpretor . you can also learn two other languages (ruby and javascript ) here .

Guru99’s Python Tutorial for Beginners is easy to learn basics of Python Tutorial

SOpython is a website made by the python programmers on stackoverflow you won’t find better learning recommendations

follow this link:

Most important thing when you began to learn certain language is implement whatever little or new thing you learn and experiment with it.

I suggest you to try these videos of NPTEL delivered by the legend Dr. Madhavan Mukund . :slight_smile:

And after every lecture try executing in interpreter or codechef IDE.

All the best and welcome to the magical realm of Python. You can also lay your hands on the Introduction section of Python on Hackerrank.

just use the book that covers the topics of python from the basics to hacking, making games and etc with python here:
other books can also be located on the site and be read for free instead of buying the book for $30

To start learning the python , i would suggest you to start with tutorials and simultaneously start coding in it, There are lot of platforms you can use the online teaching websites:

  3. udacity
  4. KhanAcademy
  5. Google’s Python Class
  6. the new boston tutorials

these sources can teach you sufficiently in my opinion and you can start doing python code very easily and effectively after these.

You can ask any further doubt here at codechef discuss and here are a lot of potential people who can help you if you are stuck at some problem.

You can learn Python from Solo learn app [link text][1]

[1]: #freefunlearning
It is easy to learn from this app.

You can start learning from and both are good.

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