Provide pdf file for every question in the contest

Respected Admin , i found that it is very difficult to solve the problems of codechef in offline mode bcoz of no pdf file provided for the questions . I tried to save the file from the browser but it not so handy to use later…! other sites provide pdf version for every problems , so i was wondering if u could provide the same too…
Thank you

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One solution to this is by taking the problem screenshot. It works fine .

screenshots of problem won’t work if it length is not fitted to the screen…!! what will you do thenn.?? should i take multiple screen shots for same problem and watch them seperately everytime…!!how hetic would that be …!! think before u downvote anything…!

  1. Just print (Ctrl+P) the page if you’re on chrome and the page will have a save as pdf option. Thus, you can save the whole page for solving problems later.
  2. You can use awesome screenshot(Plugin for chrome) to take the screenshot of whole page and not only the visible are.

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For offline viewing, you might want to have a look at:
It probably isn’t updated from a while though.

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thanks @aman… ur suggestion are really helpful !

thanks @vsp4 :slight_smile:

First of all you can zoom out the screen to fit your “trivial” problem . This can be done by using CTRL + - key combination in your chrome. Secondly , if you want get pdf of your problem page you can use this chrome extension.

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