Proposing New Features for Codechef Discuss

Codechef has been a very important part of my college life. I would like codechef to be the best website for programmers. Hence, I am proposing few features which I feel will make the Discuss Forum a better place.

Codechef Discuss can be divided into the following parts -


All the editorials of various contests can be placed under this section. I first thought of dividing it into Long, Short etc but since editorials are posted for various other contests as well, I left it open to all the contests.


The Tutorials which are currently under Codechef Tutorials link as well as tutorials contributed by other users can go under this section.


All the queries regarding algorithms, contest problems, solutions, errors can go under this section. People asking for help to their problems can post their questions here.


All the complaints about Karma Farming, Spam Comments, Cheating etc can go under this section. Also, users can post suggestions to develop the site. As complaints are part of developing the site, both of them are in the same section.


The name is self explanatory. All the Bug Reports can be filed under this section.


This section will he handled by the Admins alone. All kinds of announcements about the website can be posted here by the admins and the users can only read them.

Other Features

  • When a user tags other users or replies to their comments/posts, a notification can be sent to the user. This will the user to reply back.
  • Just like, Top Contributors there can be Language Wise Rankings based on the problems they solved(including Contests and Practice problems). Laddus need not awarded to them. This is just to maintain a record of top programmers in every language.

Few Highly trusted users who are active on Codechef can be given the privileges to move posts from one section to another in case the user has posted a question to the wrong section.

@admin Please do consider this.


Except for the language wise ranking, I find everything else to be very helpful. It would make the discuss section much neater.

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What about a notification feature like present in HackerRank?