Proposal for new feature on codechef

I have been using codechef since long time and I came across a feature which I feel should necessary be there and I would like to propose it briefly:-.

While browsing the discuss page the post gets re-positioned every time depending on activities on them and new posts added and article shifts down which consequently makes it tedious to find the article which we have seen previously.

  1. So I think there should be a feature of marking the posts to be viewed later, and the list of all the articles which are marked for review should be accessible in separate list.
  2. The user likes to revisit some articles again and again so there should also be the feature of marking the post as favorite so user can have list of his own articles.

I know the favorite feature already exist, I mean if it could be added to the discuss page infront of article links.

This two features can make codechef platform more convenient for user so I request @admin to keep my request under consideration.

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You can mark the question as favorite(The star symbol below downvote button) and all the favorite questions can be viewed in your Discuss profile.

@kay_kay I meant, to add this feature at the discuss page in front of article links.

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