I am new to programming …please would anyone help me how to excel in programming , to have a mindset like that of a programmer… I really need it…please someone help me… I tried doing myself but all in vain… I tried to do algos on my own but could not understand them… Please tell me how and from where should i begin with…

Well @ash1007 for starters you should choose a programming language that you feel comfortable with… You have to know how to use data types, arrays, list, etc, etc… You will have to understand how methods work and how to use them… Most important of all you will have to practice a lot, solve simple exercises like calculating a sum and using recursion, I would recommend you to go solve the easy problems starting from those that have the most accepted solutions, there is a lot to learn there and if you have any problems just post it. And try to solve the problems by yourself first, if you need help try and ask help for something specific and not for the overall solution … After solving problems go to the editorials, there’s a lot to learn from them too. If you see any subject that you’re not familiar with you should try and learn it.

Codechef Tutorials and TopCoder Tutorials can be really helpful. For the first link go to Algorithm Tutorials. In both links you’ll find the basics of what you need to know.