Programming tutorials/guide blog for beginners


I’ve written few blog entries to provide some useful resources and problems to solve to help people get comfortable with the concepts. Check out them here :

Edit : Added - Network Flow

Link to blog : Link

I hope these articles will be useful. Feel free to give feedback


They are really good! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I’ll add more.

you can also follow this website

c programming

c# basic syntax

computer programming

Thanks for sharing this useful post. For a long time i am searching for a guide to study programming. As part of my Mobile app development i need to student programming. As a beginner i approached so many people. But they are busy with their own works. This will help me to get an overall idea about programming. Really thank you so much.

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I think following link are helpful :

1.C programming

2. Data Structure

3. Algorithm.

Yes, This will help people to get started.

CodeGround has a lot of useful articles on Data Structure and algorithms

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Thanks for this.

how to develop this in java?
Develop a command line based todo application using java programming language:

Features are:
· Add TODO (ex: todo add “learn design patterns”)
· View TODO list (ex: todo list)
· Search TODO list (ex: todo list “learn”)
· Mark TODO as done (ex: todo done 1 – where 1 is the identifier for a todo item displayed from todo list)

Apply any Object Oriented Programming Concepts and Design Patterns (ex MVC, Factory) you know.

It helped a lot …


Thank you.

The blog is very good. You are doing a great job. Keep it up.

Thank you.

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Thanks for listing out the programming tutorials. Definitely these tutorials will aid in learning the programming languages.

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Thank you.

she is so very well may this website can be trusted

The following blogs can also be followed.
2**)Implementation of various algos and Stanford notebook**:
As a complete guide to computer science
@aj95 The contents of your blog are quite good… keep up the good work :slight_smile: