Programming Language Preference (team accounts).

Users account has a configuration parameter to select your “Programming Language Preference” in order to use it by default each time you want to submit a problem. In fact almost all online judges has something like that, and it is very useful because after some time you just go and submit and do not care about which language you are using unless changed the habitual programming language.

I was recently trying to find something like this in one team account, because I get a compilation error almost every time I submit a problem (always forgot that part when you select the language). Would be nice to have that configuration parameter option when editing your teams; this must also decrease the amount of unnecessary submissions in contests requiring team accounts.

Just one example, in the SnackDown Qualifier Round by this moment there are almost 100 pages of submissions in ADA (used by default for teams) with compilation error verdict :

Problem A

Problem B

Problem C

Problem D

Fortunately, they are not included into penalization time :slight_smile:

Best regards.

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Sounds good although, now we can submit on behalf of our team instead of logging out from our main id. It shows “Submit on behalf of [teamname]” and language remains the same as preference is set in our codechef ID.

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