programming as career

iam viki, i come from electrical background.i have programmed microcontroller(have few for and if loops nothing big;) i studied c, c++ and little in JAVA on my own
iam fascinated to became programmer but after joined this site i tried to solve many question lead to failure. now i fear how iam going to match this coding world. just give some idea to move forward in programming and taking it as career(i tried few android app development tutorials, now a days spending hours on it ).

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viki first try to learn language in depth and then code some simple projects.
i also thought i am good programmer and working on freelancing sites but here codechef i am also medium one.

in my view algorithm is different from programming part in the way it require much more thinking while doing some project was not that hard


+1 for comment and thanks for the reply

hey Viki. try learning from books rather than from websites, cause websites are helpful in your progress but as per me they can’t teach you languages from the start. so go for books.
secondly, before moving on to some solid programming (like app development or gaming etc.) try learn least one language deeply for having career in it. its good that you started with c and c++.

if you want to feel happy and confident before programming, try learning basic html coding. the basic one is easy and the outputs will get you a bit confident to go further to programming.

KEY INGREDIENT : don’t feel you can’t do it, ‘be stubborn’


thank you friend. iam learning java from book only and going through some algorithm and data struct e-book

good way to go. all the best