program runs perfectly in y system even the solutions given are comparable to my code but it doesnt compile on your compiler it show different compiler error EVERY TIME SHOWING SOME ERROR FOR IOSTREAM.h

what is this with your compiler it wont take iostream.h it would show different compilation error please do something itni badi website leke baithe ho kam se kam kuch to karo IOSTREAM wala error hatao
IOSTREAM ,CONIO aur jis pe bhi blocking hai ,laga do apne copiler me

I heard that some museums are willing to give $100000000 for a turbo C++ compiler these days… Try selling it to them and the code compiled by it too.

On a serious note : If you want to go anywhere with programming in the REAL world, STOP using turbo c++, move to vc++ on windows or g++ on linux.


Seriously? Using phrases like “itni badi website leke baithe ho kam se kam kuch to karo” only shows how serious you are towards programming.
Whose fault is it if your program is not compiling?
Did you even try rectifying your mistakes?
If you are really serious,be patient, see the solutions of other users and check why you are getting errors instead of blaming the entire platform.

Also try moving on to atleast DEV C++ and compile your codes on before submitting.