Profile Rating Graph is not showing Sept Long Rating

@admin Please fix this (Bug) issue.


We can see the graph on your profile. Where are you not seeing the graph?

@admin only September long rating is not showing on my rating graph ,i also checked 2-3 profiles same issue with all
My profile link-

Same issue here @admin …September long challenge graph is not there.


please upvote the question,if u also getting same issue.

@agrocks23 have a fun,i gift you 25 points.

@admin even I can not see September rating on my graph. Nor I can see it in anyone else’s profile. But there is no problem in the numeric rank/rating displayed.

@vivek96 Upvoted… :wink: XD

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I can’t see it either. But I believe it was there before, I remember seeing it!

@h1ashdr@gon So kindly upvote the question if you are also facing same issue.

Even, I had experienced the same problem 2-3 days ago and pointed it out here as well.

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Issue is fixed now. And ratings for September long challenge was recalculated perhaps as i see my ratings for this contest has changed slightly.

But still thier is small bug,long rating month is not here in graph,

The bug is fixed now. It was caused when plagiarism disqualification of some users was reverted.


@admin graph not showing september month in label…But its okay!