problen with '\n'

my compiler inserts ‘\n’ without mentioning it, and insert a gap of 1 line if ‘\n’ is used. what to do now.

A new line is generally added after input…Are u getting a newline after using scanf…??
If yes then it is not an issue and it wont show any error on codechef.

it would help if you mention the name and version of the compiler, give an example of a code where this is occurring, and maybe show us a snapshot of the output given by the compiler…

Are you taking an integer input and the after the integer input is there any string input?

btw please mention the code here so that we get a clear idea that whats actually going wrong…!

This might happen in case if there is an integer input and then there is a string input… As after integer input ‘\n’ is left in buffer causing problem in the string input as instead of actual string ‘\n’ is taken as input.

Although I cannot claim that this is the actual problem you might be facing till you do not upload the code.!

code please