problems needed

Can someone suggest some problems(can be from anywhere) where I need to deal with lots of corner cases… Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


what if i mail u some good hard random problem link from geeksforgeeks or hackerRank or Codechef daily but u have to do same for me, mail some good problem daily… what u say?

wow, this is a pretty useful question. However I guess it is also a bit relative. Not every corner case is tough for everyone.

@hemant_dhanuka if possible please post the links here !

it will be very helpful for all :slight_smile:

Hey hemant if you mean we will be learninh parallely then ofcourse i am in. Hopefully both of us will be benifitted. We can share some good problems we solve everyday with each other and later that day or next day discuss them

And I thought that this topic was dead …:stuck_out_tongue: