problems missing in the practice section(easy)

lot of problems are missing from the practice section.i solved few practice(easy) section problems.but they are removed from the practice section and no. of submissions of the problems are also reduced(i mean submissions from all the users).

one of the missing problems

Which problems are you talking about?
Questions from Long and short contests are moved to either Easy, medium ,hard or the challenge section.Questions from Lunch time problems are moved to the school section and problems from external contests organized on Codechef are generally moved to the Peer section. However questions from external contests are sometimes not added to the peer section. I think it depends on the organizers choice to add them or not.

Besides If you know the problem code then you can directly go to the problem by using the URL Code. eg. for Sereja and Graph (code SEAGRP) the problem link is


please modify your question, it’s really unclear what problem you are facing…

see this link

earlier this question was in practice(easy) section now it is not present in the practice section

NUMFACT was a lunch time contest problem so it is present in the school section of practice problems. The school section was created recently so i guess they shifted it from easy to the school section.

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