Problems based on dynamic programming

I just started with the dynamic programming and tried to solve codechef problems based on dp tag from highest no. of submissions but they are too hard. can anyone give me link to some good dp problems so that I can master dp. and how to approach dp problems??

you can try here;

First try some well known dp problems then move on to questions and try to convert/compare them into/with these problems.

  1. Some well known dp problems with tutorial-
  2. Look under dynamic programming-
  3. A video lecture I found interesting for starters-
  4. Top Coder tutorial blog-
  5. questions:-
    (iii).Some dp problems I solved recently on cc and found easy for newbies:
    Try HACKERRANK problems FIRST as they are based on well known dp problems.
    Hope this helps.
    Happy Coding :slight_smile:
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Try this:

You can find here very easy DP problems.

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DP problems and tutorials :
Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2


Check this list :smiley:

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Lol this guy @sahil_g posts almost the same links mentioned above and gets 2 upvotes from the top 2 contributors of the month from the same college . Dosen’t it smell a bit fishy :smiley:

Nice tutorial, you can also go to

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Most of the links have been posted above ,
but here is a interesting quora thread ,
hope you find it useful.