Problem with few test cases for my solution

I am trying to solve a problem that was in LunchTime this month. When I submitted my solution it worked for few test cases but didn’t worked(Gave me WA not TLE) for few.

Here is my code algorithm :

   for(int j = 0 ; j<N ; ++j){
    for(int k = j+1 ; k < N ; ++k){
	  if(myList.get(j) == myList.get(k))  //When numbers are equal
	   else if(myList.get(k)%myList.get(j) == 0){
	     long myWay = myList.get(k)/myList.get(j);
		 double myLog = Math.log(myWay)/Math.log(F);

I know my algorithm’s time complexity is more and I have read the editorial for better algorithm BUT still I want to know why my code gave me Wrong answer for few test cases.

Thank you in Advance.