Problem with December Challenge test data ?

Is anyone aware whether the test data format for December Challenge been changed? I am submitting code(s) in Java and they give runtime error (NZEC) on the judge page. In one of the questions, I changed the input mechanism from BufferedReader to custom InputReader (which I copied from one of the submissions from CodeChef itself) and the code was accepted.

Am I the only one facing this problem? And if there really is a problem then why hasn’t it been rectified yet? It is frustrating to be hung up on a question with no useful information as to what is wrong with the code. Admins kindly respond.

PS: I do not intend to reveal any information about the ongoing contest through this question. If you still feel its misconduct, please delete the question.

I’m typically using BufferedReader (with StringTokenizer) without the problem, in December 2013 Long contest I used it for Magic Pairs and Rectangular Queries, I’d like to solve two more problems today, if so I’ll update my answer and let you know…

Sorry, now I realized, you were talking about Challenge problem…

have u closed the objects of BufferedReader, InputReader (or any other class u might be using) ?? I had also got NZEC error in java a few months ago, when i forgot to close the objects of these classes