Problem with codechef

Whenever I open codechef’s any contest or problem every useful thing turns into whitish grey blinking(twinkling to be somewhat exact)and I literally can’t read(see) anything.

Have you tried reloading, clearing your browser’s cache for CodeChef or may be trying some other browser?
Because I am not facing this issue. That whitish-grey page generally appears when the contest page is loading, but after a second or so everything seems to be normal as it has been loaded.

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Don’t worry this also happens with me when I use slow internet connections. It’s not a bug.
if you want to avoid this just switch to a good 3G/4G internet.

This is not a bug. Probably you are using a slow internet connection or an unsupported browser. If you are browsing using phone try using Chrome. I have faced same problem while browsing with opera mini and uc browser.
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