Problem with codechef solution visiblity.

Is there any problem with codechef ? I am not able to see even my submitted answer how it is possible?
For the cases when i try to do the old questions with new method and when i want to see my answer, it’s not visible for some question it should be Visible at least my solution to me whether Accepted or not…?

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Please put punctuations to make your question readable. At least put a period after each sentence.

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It is happening with Alkhwarizm’12 only. I think the organizers have disabled solution visibility (public/private). I guess it will be fixed soon.*
Check the id of your submission and replace * in the link. It works for me.


@vinayak garg i think my question is readable rather than checking punctuations if u have answer of this question then discuss it here

It is now available for all. Please check it.

Sorry for “upping” this old topic, but it seems some problem pages are still misconfigured.

From the page BUTTONS, i can’t read others solutions.
But, if i get their solution ID, and use the viewsolution page (as explained by flashmt above)
it works great. I can read them. It’s annoying because the links are not active anyway.
It does the same for ARRAYTRM, NUMGAME, MAXCROSS, and so on.

Could please an admin have a look at those problems, to see if anything’s wrong, or it’s just me ?! :slight_smile:


Hi! Directi has listed the above problems as ‘Coding puzzles’ that a candidate should solve as a part of selection process if he / she wants to pursue a career / internship in the company. Take a look here : .
Hence, the solutions to these problems aren’t public. Though, I don’t know about MAXCROSS.

i know that. but i already solved them (that’s why i can see the solutions by the viewsolution page). :slight_smile:

thx for the directi link anyway, i looked for the list a couple of days ago but couldn’t find it.