Problem Solving Order

I am thinking about solving problems on codechef and spoj apart from the challenges but i am not sure about the order in which i should start them. Can anyone who has already solved give me a list in the order in which you solved problems on spoj and codechef

SPOJ Problem Classifier classifies problems topicwise. Also you can sort all practice problems of SPOJ and codechef according to their difficulty level (Link to Sorted List of SPOJ problems according to difficulty level and Sorted list of Codechef problems according to their diffulty level). If you want to practice problems on a specific topic, use SPOJ Problem Classifier or follow this discussion otherwise solve them in order of their difficulty level (if you find initial problems too easy then skip 15-20 questions then solve next problem, if you still find it easy then do the same again till you start enjoying…).

If you want to solve problems topicwise, I would advise you to have a look here : Problem set 1, Problem set 2, Problem set 3.

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This is a must see link for you - LINK

Go to the Practise Section, Select Easy.

Then start from the Bottom-most problems, or you can sort the Problems by Clicking “Successful Submissions”
Start with the most solved problem. Thats the way I do. :slight_smile:

If we solve problems topic wise, it will not be much useful. To get started about 5 problems with bit increasing difficulty on that topic is enough. Then we should solve questions randomly. If we solve questions topic wise, we may become expert in that topic and solve almost all questions related to that topic. But in the contest, the first real challenge is to identify the problem and the method to solve it. many a times we are are expert in the method problem asks for but we can not able to identify it. We later regret for our silly mistake or whatever. Only when we solve questions randomly, we open up or mind more and start identifying the problems more quickly.

If you need more help you can refer to

The above link must be useful! :slight_smile: