Problem setting on Codechef

Very recently I applied for setting of problems on Codechef using the google form that they have here. I was immediately sent a mail asking me to upload the NDA and also the test generator assignment (if needed).
I submitted the necessary docs but didnt get a reply ever since. I couldnt hold my anxiety and re-applied using the same form. Same procedure. No reply as yet. Umm, can someone tell if this delay is normal, or I can sadly assume that my application(s) for some reason have been rejected?
Any help on this @admin ? Thank you.

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Hi @chari407! I too wanted to apply for the same but you might have noticed we need to give a GTalk ID. I googled and found that GTalk is officially dead for Windows. Can you please say how you worked it out?

i think GTalk ID means your hangouts username;.

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Yeah. I submitted my hangouts username.

Oops! Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

We will change our application process for problem setting. The idea is that a problem setter can directly send his/her ideas. One can only become a problem setter if his/her ideas are approved. For now, if you have some questions that you want to be used in some contest, please send the problem idea/statements along with expected solution/s with constraints.

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Thanks DP. :wink: