Problem paritally solved

I have just solved this problem from IOIPRAC partially as my solution only passed 2 Subtasks successfully and in the third Sub task 2 of my Sub-Subtask failed and i was judged correctly means i got points only for my first 2 Subtasks but in my profile & IOIPRAC contest page it shows that i have Solved it for all Subtask why?

In the contest rank page, it correctly shows that you have got only 50 points :

EDIT: I saw your profile and it’s showing that you have solved it correctly (not partially).
I also don’t understand why this is happening, it MAY be because you solved more than 1 subtask (I am just guessing about this!). I guess only admin or some experienced person can help you but you can surely see in the contest page that you have got 50 points (The contest ranks page precisely shows how many points you have earned!)

Yeah i have solved 2 out of 3 Subtasks.

@jr_coder I recommend you to mail it to @admin

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You know they don’t reply.

Then as @mathecodician said, you should mail it to @admin

They don’t reply but still try to solve the problem. And you can also message them

I am using Floyd Warshall’s Algorithm.

I saw your code (solutions are now public). Probably you are defining infinity too small

Because the weight of an edge in itself is greater than 99999 and the sp can be at max 230*100000 so make infinity greater than that.

Won’t i will get RTE?

No you can easily define upto 10^9 in an int and if you still think of RTE, you can use long long although you can just set INFINITY to 10^8

Hope that was helpful