problem of header files

Dear sir(s) please help me I included iostream and conio header files in my solution code for one of the problems but the site is coming up with a compilation error saying the files dont exist. I dont understand this pls reply n help me out fast…

Hi, just browsed on your profile.
Found your solutions include iostream.h etc.

Eg :

I feel you are new to GCC and G++ compilers, in Codechef, try writing header file as :

#include < iostream >

usingname space std;

and so on…

It will solve the problem. Rest use to compile and check your solution.

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Read this discussion for more :

Except what I wrote above, clrscr() getch() are not available to you anymore, also conio.h header file too can’t be included.

in your solutions you have written main() as it is. But now you need to learn few more things, write it as :

int main()

and always write return 0 at end of your int main()