Problem not visible

Hi community, I was trying to open this problem:

but i kept getting “problem not visible” error. Can someone rectify this.Other problems of the same contest are visible and up for practice.


You have a problem which is not visible and the link of that problem contain this page. Now you want to solution of your Error. According to my limited knowledge that error is due to the connection string. you must correct your connection string and may this website help to get the solution of your prolem.

It is giving “problem not visible” because it is currently not added to practice problem.

Are you sure this problem exist?

Note: You can get this error even if this problem doesn’t exist at all!


(the string you give must contain capital letters or numbers)

and you will get the same error.

(for example try

I saw the problem exist. The problem is that admin has not added it to practice section.
If you want to see the problem then it is visible in it’s contest page

Hi, i solved this problem by changing the problem code on any submit page. It got judged.


Searched for this. I this problem is because question isn’t yet added to practice section.
You can see original problem asked during a contest.

and editorials

Try another browser