problem in understanding logic..

Hey Guys… i try to solve problems but the problem is I dont understand question and logic to solve problem. i go blind what to think… how to think…! please any 1 could help like any online tutorial where i can learn algorithms solving or anything related to coding… please help.

Hi, Read the question until you understand.Understanding the question is important to get the logic.And,

For tutorials on algorithms you can look into TOPCODER tutorials.

may you recommend any video tutorials or lectures?

For learning algorithms, you can try

this book may help you - PROGRAMMING CHALLENGES - The Programming Contest Training Manual
by Steven S. Skiena and Miguel A. Revilla

Even simple things like taking a notebook and finding a pattern or logic can help greatly. Solve aptitude tests like those in CAT or GRE. I have found those helpful in building logic. They will let you solve most of the ‘easy’ problems.

The more difficult ones require some algorithm study. Keep calm and find out what you need to do. How you need to do it comes through experience or Google. Only think in terms of ‘what’. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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