Problem in solving hackerearth's balance brackets problem

I was solving balance brackets problems on hackerearth. I solved the problem but my solution is not passing one test case. This is link to my solution for the same problem.

Please tell me what is wrong with my code and tell me the correct approach for it.

I guess there must be an option in hackerearth in which you can check your output and correct output. Just see the test case for which your answer is wrong. All the Best :slight_smile:


I have already done that but still I couldn’t figure out why I am not getting what’s wrong with my code.

help me out.

@arpit728 the last test case judged my solution wrong as well, and I could not find a mistake so I opened an accepted solution from the submission list - link, which quite clearly fails on the test case I gave. So it is nothing but a faulty test case. I didn’t go through your code but it gives the same answer as mine on the last test case, so we both may be wrong but that’s unlikely :slight_smile:

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Thanks meoow, I was also suspecting the test case to be wrong but still I wasted lot of time on it.


Please tell me how did you become 6* programmer. My growth has frozen I am not getting how should I go ahead now. What problems should I solve?

#Shakti_Billi to the rescue!

IDK how you are able to derive such stuff, i just looked at that test case input adn went like " :confused: …"