Problem in Snackdown Time

This link says Snackdown Online Pre-Elimination Round-A is from 11:00 pm tonight to 11:00 pm tomorrow and this one says from 11:00 pm tonight to 9:00 pm tomorrow. Look into the matter @admin.

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Its 24 hr contest, 11pm today to 11pm tomorrow. The might have forgotten to change timings there.

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Have already mailed them regarding this, they will update it.
Rest assured its 24hr.

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Its from 11pm today.

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Since the contest was postponed for 2 hours recently, i believe they forgot to update the information provided in your first link. Since it will be a 24 hour contest starting at 11 pm today, should end at 11 pm tomorrow.


I feel the same too.

the contest will be for 24 hrs. I’ve received the mail.

Thanks for informing. It’s been changed now. It’s from 11:00pm to 11:00pm.

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