Problem in obtaining the right judgement

I have tried solving the “Video Game” problem(ZCO14001) ad i am pretty sure the answer is correct, the subtasks are also showing right results. But when i am submitting they are saying that the answer is wrong.I cant post the solution because it i against the rules.What do i do?

I am suffering from the same problem :frowning:
btw are you getting WA(wrong answer) or that rigeve(run time error) thing?


and what does AC mean anyways?

AC(All correct) WA(Wrong Answer) TLE(Time limit exceeds) RE(Runtime error)

You can make your own test cases and check where your code is failing!!

how do i do that?

actually ive done it on eclipse

plus when it says “first line contains …” it means they are going to input numbers number by number and not as a string right?

Just make random test cases and keep trying until you find where your test cases are failing @(^_^)@